Deliver OTT, Deliver Content, Engage and Monetize

PIXFIX™ SoapBox OTT Platform multi tasks by streaming live and stored video, content manages, organizes, logs, genre tags , delivers video from cloud and engages with customer & aids in monetization. This unique product combines with PIXFIX™ Skycode,

RiverSilica’s Cloud based Transcode products seamlessly to deliver LIVE and STORED video to help you succeed in your OTT foray. This most sought solution for Entertainment, Education and Enterprise market, helps in giving you an end to end OTT solution thus helping you hit the market running.

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PIXFIX™ SoapBox – the most flexible and intuitive SAAS based video management and delivery platform for any OTT Video delivery for multiple devices across multiple networks. The state of the art platform has inherent capabilities to store, manage, and distribute, stream “live and on-demand” assets for end user customer engagement and monetization. For any SMB Entertainment, Enterprise and Education institution PIXFIX™ Soapbox would be your last stop for OTT end to end delivery.

PIXFIX™ SoapBox works independently on cloud with other 3rd party Transcoders or with RiverSilica’s PIXFIX™ Skycode, industry’s leading cloud based Transcoding solution.


  • State of the art content management system
  • Intuitive web UI console
  • Industry standard DRM support
  • Playlist management for automated video playout
  • Advanced user management and Device management
  • Analytics for statistics information
  • Best in class recommendation and analytics
  • Features that help in customer engagement and monetization
  • Seamless Transcoding integration

User Management

  • Powerful access management and detailed user profile
  • Versatile subscriber and subscription management.
  • Configurability for usage and enterprise policies.
  • Easy 3rd party payment integration.

Content Management

  • Advanced content management system for end to
    end OTT delivery
  • Seamless integration for content processing of LIVE and ON DEMAND video content through PIXFIX™ Skycode with multi-format, multi-resolution with
    closed caption and watermarking.
  • Supports Movies, Shows, Live TV, Live events and
    Music content.
  • Advance feature support for Multi lingual, Meta Data,
    Trailers, Posters, Thumbnails, geo blocking etc.
  • Real time data analytics to support content acquisition
    decision making.
  • Consumption data analytics for consumer recommendation,
    “to continue” watch and “visit watch” history etc.
  • Create a playout of your choice from the On-demand
    files by configuring a new channel.
  • Firebase integration for push notifications.

Monetization and Engagement

  • Monetization of content through SVOD/TVOD/AVOD/Rental business
  • Plan, Pricing and availability management.
  • Support for coupons and discounts for promotion and campaigns.
  • Ease of use and dynamic configurability for Banners, trailers, advertisements and asset configuration.

Player and Apps

  • Multiscreen OTT Apps with best in class UI/UX for multiple device form factors and platforms including Mobile, Tablet Browser and Smart TV.
  • Re-brand able Apps for Android, IOS and web browser.
  • Feature rich player with multiple overlay control layers for all devices including Intuitive controls for TV Apps.
  • Responsive and device compliant.

Delivery and Security

  • MBR HLS and DASH streaming for buffer free streaming delivery.
  • Multi DRM integration for cenc.
  • Forensic watermarking support through 3rd party.
  • Mail server SMTP support.