For All-in-one RF to IP Video work flow solutions

pixfix server

PIXFIX™ MbIRD the All-in-one Software defined video processor can effectively Encode and Transcode all the video signals that can be downlinked from the L-Band frequency. The highly versatile and ultra-flexible   product fits and morphs in to required IP work flow seamlessly from any DVB-S/S2 downlink.Embedded with RiverSilica’s PIXABIT™, PIXMAX™ technologies based on state of the art video algorithms, the product delivers both broadcast and OTT solutions under the same hood.

Capable of taking RF and IP inputs simultaneously MbIRD   delivers simultaneous processing of live video assets across both BROADCAST and OTT needs. The single pipeline feature offers the customer an end to end solution for integrated IP work flow. It is flexible enough to configure for an intended work flow today and to adapt to another workflow later- MbIRD adapts as you wish. With PIXFIX™   MbIRD, you are sure to be on the right path of fastest ROI and lowest TCO.

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PIXFIX MbIRD in the CABLE BROADCAST and TELCO/ISP market delivers both Broadcast and OTT class video from RF head end directly and It can additionally store for further monitoring purposes. This vastly reduces the rack space and helps in integrating multiple services in to a singular work flow.

PIXFIX MbIRD scales from Single interface RF interface, all the way up to Four  inputs for dense encoding/transcoding that can directly packaged in to a deliverable stream for downstream cable operator and that is Multi screen ready as well. Includes simultaneous storage in desired formats and can convert file formats that is OTT friendly.

Currently available on PIXFIX PIXFIX EL, and HE Series in 1RU, 2RU form factors respectively help in scaling the channel density and storage challenges


  • Highly Versatile, Ultra flexible and configurable All-in-one functionality through state of the art software   defined video processing and acceleration using RAFT™, SAND™ and HELM™
  • Unified work flow pipeline from RF video input to streaming format output like HLS, RTMP etc., which helps in optimizing the rack needs.
  • Flexibility for Broadcast and OTT Multi Screen delivery by processing video inputs across IP and RF
  • Multiple Pre and Post processing features with customizable API options
  • Intermixing of input video for studio needs
  • MPEG2, H264, HEVC support along with multiple streaming formats for both LIVE and OFFLINE needs
  • Support for multiple CDNs
  • Dynamic parameter management without Encoder stoppage
  • Multibit rate and dynamic bitrate management through PIXABIT™
  • Control and safety through integrated PIXFIX ™  Visor
  • Up to 24TB storage availability with multi format capability
  • PIXFIX™ MbIRD is available on RiverSilica’s PIXFIX™ EL, HE series chassis based on COTS Intel™ platform

Input Interfaces

  • Multiple Gigabit IP interface
  • RF input

Input Stream

  • DVB-S/S2 (QPSK, 8-PSK, 16/32-PSK), 950 to 2150 MHz (L-Band frequency) support. Symbol rate – 4 to 40MBd, BBFRAME/Full TS-output/LNB 13V18V 400mA, DiSEqC control
  • DVB-C
  • DVB-T/T2
  • TS/UDP, TS/RTP (Unicast and multicast SPTS and MPTS)
  • Image slate
  • Signal generator

Input Video Codecs

  • H.264 – BP/MP/HP – 4:2:2 10-Bit 4:2:0 8-bit
  • MPEG2 – ML/HL
  • HEVC
  • Apple Prores
  • Fixed and variable frame rate
  • Standard and non-standard resolution
  • 4Kp60 up to 50Mbps for live delivery
  • Error resilience and concealment for erroneous input
  • Input video frame skip detection
  • Video pass through

Input Audio Codecs

  • MPEG1 Layer2 Y& Layer3
  • Dolby™-AC3
  • PCM
  • Up to 8 channels 24 bit, 96KHz audio
  • Up to 96KHz sampling frequency
  • Audio pass through


  • CEA608/708 Closed captioning
  • SCTE 35

Streaming Protocol

  • HLS
  • RTMP

Access, Control & Monitoring

  • Multi account user management
  • Granular license contro
  • Multi node configurability
  • Thumbnails preview on web console
  • Tile based preview and output stream preview
  • Web based UI
  • Express Job Settings
  • Pre and post job scripts
  • Jobs scheduling and Prioritization
  • Pre and post job scripts
  • Jobs scheduling and Prioritization
  • Dynamic parameter changing while job is running
  • System configuration/jobs export, import, backup and restore

Platform Specifications

  • Runs on COTS Intel™ Platform
  • CentOS
  • Based on Mini, 1RU, 2RU chassis
  • Optional RPS and RAID
  • Upgradable to 6-Gigabit ports, 24GB storage space

Output Interfaces

  • Multiple Gigabit IP interface with redundancy

Output Stream

  • TS/UDP & TS/RTP Unicast and multicast – SPTS, MPTS

Output Video Codecs

  • H.264 BP/MP/HP 4:2:0 8-bit, 4:2:2 10-bit
  • HEVC 4:2:0 8-bit, 4:2:2 10-bit

Output Audio Codecs

  • MPEG 1 Layer2/3
  • AC3 (pass through), EAC3 (pass through), Dolby™-E (pass through)
  • Up to 8 channel, 24bit audio
  • Up to 96 KHz sampling frequency


  • Hue, Contrast, brightness, saturation and gamma correction
  • De interlacing through BOB, Motion adaptive, IVTC modes
  • Perceptual quality based video scaler
  • Standard and non-standard resolution
  • Framerate conversion
  • Video Flipping
  • Multiple alpha blended logo overlay, Static/scrolling text overlay
  • Clock and Timer code overlay, Cropping, Letter boxing
  • Different font style for text overlay
  • Chroma sub sampling
  • Audio equalizer and volume control, Loudness control
  • Audio sample rate and bit depth conversion, rate maintainer
  • Audio Channel management, Interpolation, Drop and Pad, Mix and Match
  • Multi-channel/track audio in single channel
  • Track pass through/Process settings
  • Picture in Picture, Multiple input video tile management
  • Single process to multi package, multi publish point

Encoding Features With Deep Dive Configurability

  • Look ahead based encoding, Low latency encoding & sub-second G to G delay
  • De-blocking filter, Interlaced/Progressive Encoding
  • GOP, Buffer delay Adjustment
  • CBR, VBR and constrained VB streams
  • Scene change detection & characteristics based encoding
  • Encode, Transcode acceleration through RAFT™, HELM™, SAND™ algorithms
  • Configurable display aspect ratio and preserving DAR during scaling
  • Profile level configurable post thumbnail generation, profile level frame rate conversion, GOP interval adjustment, Buffer delay setting for quality management
  • Multi language/track audio coding in a single program
  • Up to 8 channel, 24 bit audio encoding


  • CEA 608/708 pass through
  • SCTE cue tones for UDP/RTMP/HLS and custom for AWS, Akamai, Hotstar, Zee etc.,
  • Host of other CUETONE features

Misc Features

  • Lip Sync correction
  • Cross stream multiplexing – Video from one source and audio from another
  • Output file push to remote FTP/HTTP servers
  • Delayed output for render/playback synchronization
  • Delayed stream output, Delayed push to specific to publish point
  • Stream specific processing for different application (Ex: Different logo for each profile)
  • Raw output simultaneously during streaming
  • Input/output stream redundancy
  • SSH tunneling for ZEN Master
  • Loop through for LIVE and FILE
  • Supports copying Video and or audio tracks for different processing work flow


  • Remote File storage mount – NFS, CIFS, USB, NAS, S3
  • Active Passive Redundancy
  • Auto restart of jobs in unrecoverable errors
  • Logs and Notification alerts through email etc.
  • Real time health statistics
  • Input stream available indicator
  • Real time stats of CPU, memory, network, Jobs on Dashboard
  • Device manager for auto detecting PnP devices
  • Complete network diagnostic involving DNS test, Speed test, Tracer
  • NTP clock sync and settings
  • Timezone settings