Management Team

Jagannathan Balaji

Founder, President and CEO

Jagannathan Balaji an Electrical engineer, is a serial entrepreneur and one of the Directors of RiverSilica Technologies PVT LTD.


Balaji previously founded PURPLE VISION Technologies PVT LTD., out of Bangalore, India in the year 2000 and sold it twice over- firstly to TES Electronic solutions in 2005 and again engineered another sale of one of the spin-offs to MindTree in 2007. Balaji grew Purple Vision Technologies with an initial VC fund from CITI Ventures. He started off with 5 Engineers and eventually grew it to 350 Engineers. Purple Vision Technologies was engaged in Silicon IP and Silicon design services with its IP and turnkey services mainly focusing on verification and image processing areas. While the company was sold in 2007, it had 200 VLSI Engineers and 100 System design engineers.

Jagadish Kamath

Co-founder, CTO

Jagadish Kamath is a video engineering expert who understands the nuances of multiple video formats that drive today’s market consumption,


be it a legacy MPEG1 format present in VCD to 4K HEVC content over MMT.
Jagadish has over 9 years of experience in Software architecture and media systems development on platforms such as Intel x86, ARM and DSP. He is the nucleus behind the product development function and is the brain behind Software defined video processing at RiverSilica. It is under him the complete Engineering team works and his ambition has been to build a state of the art enterprise product that India could deliver to the global market. Before joining RiverSilica, he had his stint at Ittiam systems as a video codec developer. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from NITK, Surathkal with specialization in Signal processing and algorithms.

Jaishankar Jayaramakrishnan

Head – Business development

Jaishankar Jayaramakrishnan is an MCA with over 18 years of experience in product companies in India and US.


Jai started his career in software development, design and architecture before moving to Business Development roles for Internet Security and Telecom products, and co-founded a mobile startup. In his previous role, Jai was responsible for selling NMSWorks, OSS product to the European Telcos. He currently handles Business Development and Sales in RiverSilica.