Live video delivery using PIXFIX™ Flex and Versa to social media platforms…

With the need for LIVE video to be made available in to various social media platform, the need for the Encoders and Transcoders to be flexible is of paramount importance. For the existing broadcasters and the new age web channels, the live video to be made available on social media platforms like YOUTUBE™, FACEBOOK™ etc., poses challenges on how flexibly a product can be integrated to their existing work flow.

Given the vast array of broadcast work flow for video ingestion, the infrastructure should be able to capture video and build a seamless work flow to deliver video streams that is compatible with the social media platforms

For a customer or a system integrator who proposes a work flow to support social media live video uplink, the solution needs to get integrated in their existing infrastructure or should give an integrated solution for a new infrastructure that is being built.

The fact that everybody is a broadcaster is aided by Social media platform and the challenges have become that much larger

Some of the key challenges would be

Multiple types of Interfaces to capture video

A complex video broadcaster plays out across SDI while an entry level web channel player captures video and delivers through a HDMI or COAXIAL interface. The input interfaces are only multiplying.

Non dense to dense capabilities

The infrastructure needs to support all the way from single channel to 16 channels in a box. The need for flexibility is based on the number of feeds and number of channels.

Store and play later

There should be inherent ability to store the videos captured and should have the ability to play it out in a sequence to the social media platform from the point of video capture.

Dynamically alterable bit rate

Ability to alter the uplinked video bit rate dynamically without restarting the infrastructure

Ad monetizable ability

Advertisement monetization is key for all the broadcasters and the social platform expectations would be moving in a direction where the broadcaster’s output video should have the cues that can collaborate with the social media platform distribution capabilities.

RiverSilica’s PIXFIX™ Flex and Versa can help you easily overcome the work flow challenges for live video uplink to social media platforms.

  • PIXFIX™ Flex and Versa offer a range of video capture interfaces to address customers across multiple work flows.
  • PIXFIX™ has single channel capability all the way up to Sixteen channels in a single infrastructure.
  • PIXFIX™ Flex and Versa support Live archiving which can be later used for playing out to the social media .
  • PIXABIT™ feature can help you dynamically alter the bit rate while uplinking to help you deliver optimal video quality based on available band width.
  • PIXFIX™ Versa and Flex can convert a play out servers CUE TONES for compatible video uplinking or it can add out of band cue tones in the uplinkable video.


Kumara Kumaraswamy , Head of Pre and Post-sales, RiverSilica Technologies