PIXFIX™ product line features are built over TRU-TRANSCODE™ set of Algorithms.
TRU-TRANSCODE™ comprising of RAFT™, HELM™ and SAND™ algorithmic techniques, helps in accelerating Transcoding, improving session volumes dynamically and preserves output video quality. The patent applied for techniques, have been the result of 100 Man Years of research. RiverSilica continuously collaborates with India’s premium universities to enhance its algorithmic performance in video processing areas.


Tru Transcode

TRU-TRANSCODE™  forms the heart of the RiverSilica’s PIXFIX™ product line and the technique is a result of research and development effort that has been spent over nearly 4 years. The way TRANSCODING is being done today is completely un-optimized and inefficient and doesn’t use critical input information to accelerate the output of new video.

RiverSilica is revolutionizing Transcoding with TRU-TRANSCODE™ – a combination of science and art to improve the speed and resultant quality of TRANSCODING, thus improves the efficacy of IP Video streaming . It uses RiverSilica’s algorithmic techniques like RAFT™, HELM™ etc., and gives a new dimension to TRANSCODING for higher performance and efficiency.

revolutionizing Transcoding with TRU-TRANSCODE™


RiverSilica’s Acceleration For Transcoding

RAFT™,  RiverSilica’s Acceleration For Transcoding is a collection of Algorithms, which uses advanced mathematical modeling techniques to improve video transcoding performance and harnesses the processor infrastructure for optimizing complexity and improving quality.

RAFT™ has been the result of a combined 4 year research with one of India’s premier universities.

accelerating Transcoding, improving session volumes dynamically


incoming video quality

Hierarchical Evaluation and Learning Machine algorithmic method, is part of RiverSilica’s TRU-TRANSCODE™ technique – uses advanced mathematical models to understand spatial and motion information to accelerate Transcoding and in simultaneously preserving incoming video quality, thus helping the output quality efficiency.

accelerating Transcoding, improving session volumes dynamically


PIXMAX™ uses TRU-TRANSCODE™ techniques in creating flexibility for the customers between quality and compute efficiency, so they can intelligently manoeuvre based on the monetizing needs for their end consumers. By managing the quality, you can add more streams for example. This feature comes as a default with PIXFIX™ range of Servers.
accelerating Transcoding, improving session volumes dynamically


PIXiT™ uses TRU-TRANSCODE™ technique

PIXiT™  uses TRU-TRANSCODE™ technique using heuristic method of transcode acceleration. Using the incoming video quality information, the rule engine defines the processing needs – hence manages the compute resources effectively. PIXiT™ is implemented based on HELM™ algorithmic modelling technique

accelerating Transcoding, improving session volumes dynamically


bit rate of the video

PIXABIT™  is RiverSilica’s path breaking feature, lets customers to dynamically change the bit rate of the video, on the fly – on demand. This unique feature, one of its kind – can be customized based on the implementation needs and application.

accelerating Transcoding, improving session volumes dynamically


Adaptive New frame Detection mechanism
SAND™ algorithm – part of RiverSilica’s TRU-TRANSCODE™ methodology – SAND based Adaptive New frame Detection mechanism, uses patent applied techniques for incoming video’s scene variation to preserve outgoing video quality after accelerated transcoding, with superior bit rate management.
accelerating Transcoding, improving session volumes dynamically