Content manage and deliver on campus

pixfix server

PIXFIX Local multi tasks by archiving live video, content manages, organizes, logs, genre tags , cloud syncs and delivers video in the INTRANET network. This unique product combines with PIXFIX Flex to deliver LIVE and STORED video across INTRANETS. This most sought after solution for education and corporate market, helps in saving the network overhead and helps in delivering private on premise content.

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on-demand assets

PIXFIX Local – the most flexible and intuitive local server based video management and delivery platform for intranet and behind the firewall applications. The state of the art platform has inherent capabilities to store, manage, and distribute, stream live and on-demand assets with in the installed network. For any SMB, Education institution, Corporates managing and streaming video assets on multiple screens with in the firewall has gotten that much easier with PIXFIX Local.

PIXFIX Flex and PIXFIX Statix

PIXFIX Local works independently or with PIXFIX Flex and PIXFIX Statix to manage and deliver video assets with in the intranet and behind the firewall. PIXFIX Local is available as add-on SW package.

  • Account management for users that helps in authentication and access control
  • Intuitive web UI console
  • Live and On Demand Video Management for content management
  • Playlist management for automated video playout
  • Player management for end user viewing activities
  • Analytics for statistics information
  • Available as an add on along with PIXFIX Versa, PIXFIX Flex and PIXFIX Statix

Account Management

  • Admin access
  • Integration with local network directory (LDAP), OAuth, etc.,

Live Video Management

  • Live video with PIXFIX Versa, Flex and Statix
  • One touch push to CLOUD
  • Play and Store (Live video archival)
  • Events scheduler for play list management
  • Video format and bit rate management

On Demand Video Management

  • On-Demand video upload
  • On-Demand video scan (on network drives)
  • On-Demand video link
  • You Tube or Open internet links ingestion
  • Video Metadata extraction
  • Library and preview

Play List

  • Multiple file tagging
  • Multiscreen capable video streaming
  • Live and On-Demand assets playlist
  • Auto play


  • Brand able video players
  • Conditional business access rules
  • Responsive and device compliant


  • Live and On-Demand analytics


  • Cloud integration