Multiplex to a single stream

pixfix server

PIXFIX Mplex is a powerful way to combine multiple video streams into a single stream required in broadcast workflow. Effortlessly you can multiplex multiple SPTS and MPTS streams to a single MPTS H.264 or HEVC encoded stream which can be delivered over ASI or IP. Upon bundling with PIXFIX Versa, it becomes a powerful solution for end to end video delivery in broadcast workflow.

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MPTS streams

PIXFIX Mplex, an add on to PIXFIX Flex or bundled with PIXFIX Versa, is central to Broadcast market needs. Being an integral part of the PIXFIX bouquet, this software defined multiplexer helps to effortlessly create MPTS streams from multiple SPTS and MPTS incoming streams saving the rack space and power, cooking needs. A Vide broadcast engineer will love to have this arsenal for building an efficient workflow.

  • Highly versatile, Ultra flexible and configurable through software defined multiplexing
  • Multiple IP and ASI inputs
  • Multi CODEC support
  • Output aware configurability management
  • Multiple input streams can be mapped to multiple outputs
  • Control and safety through PIXFIX Visor
  • Available as an add on in PIXFIX Versa
  • Works seamlessly with PIXFIX Flex
  • PIXFIX Mplex is available on RiverSilica’s PIXFIX™ EL, HE series chassis based on COTS Intel™ platform.

Input Interfaces

  • ASI, Multiple Gigabit IP interface

Input Stream

  • TS/ UDP (Unicast and multicast SPTS and MPTS)
  • TS/RTP (Unicast and multicast SPTS and MPTS)

Input Video Codecs

  • MPEG2-ML/HL 4:2:2
  • H264 – BP/MP/HP – 4:2:2 10Bit
  • HEVC

Input Audio Codecs

  • MPEG1 Layer2 Y& Layer3
  • Dolby™-AC3
  • LPCM
  • Up to 8 channels 24 bit, 96KHz audio
  • Up to 96KHz sampling frequency
  • Audio pass through

Control & Monitoring

  • Auto sensing of incoming media, media info
  • Input stream view on web console
  • Input stream capture
  • Web based UI
  • Thumbnails preview on web console
  • Tile based preview for monitoring
  • Express Job Settings
  • Pre and post job scripts
  • Jobs scheduling and Prioritization
  • Dynamic parameter changing while job is running
  • System configuration backup and restore
  • Fans and temperature monitoring

Platform Specs

  • Runs on COTS Intel™ Platform
  • CentOS
  • Based on Mini, 1RU, 2RU chassis
  • Optional RPS and RAID
  • Upto 6 Gigabit ports & 6 TB local storage

Output Interfaces

  • Multiple Gigabit IP interface with redundancy, ASI

Output Stream

  • TS/UDP & TS/RTP Unicast and multicast – MPTS


  • Remote File storage mount – NFS, CIFS
  • Output stream redundancy in active-active mode
  • Auto restart of jobs in unrecoverable errors
  • Log and Notification alerts
  • Real time health statistics
  • Input stream available indicator
  • SNMP
  • System dashboard with realtime statistics of CPU, Network, Jobs, Memory etc.,
  • Fans and temperature monitoring
  • Device manager for autodetecting PnP devices
  • Complete network diagnostics involving DNS test, Speed test, Tracer etc.,