PIXFIX™ sTiler

For Medium and Hyper dense Tiled video stitching
for local and remote delivery


PIXFIXTM sTiler product line from PIXFIXTM VUniverse stable has the capability to receive multiple streams from any type of Encoder and stitches them together to form multiple configurations in Tiling for display. This Tile Processor works in conjunction with PIXFIXTM MbIRD/Flex/Versa and takes their output and delivers the stitched output through IP to PIXFIXTM sTiler player. Ideally suited for Multiple video channel monitoring environment to watch Live Video and Audio in a Tiled environment – gives the customer the flexibility of monitoring both Audio and Video parameters and delivering its health status to multiple stakeholders. Working in conjunction with RiverSilica’s PIXFIXTM Versa/Flex/MbIRD and PIXFIXTM sTile player product line, has the feature to deliver the stitched Video through intranet or internet for downstream PIXFIXTM sTile player for display delivery.

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Typically used in Broadcast, Institution or any Multiple channel aggregation dense or entry level environment to monitor the channels by stitching the incoming video streams or channels. Has the capability to stitch up to 160 Channels in variety of configurations and pre-processes it before sending it to display delivery environment of PIXFIXTM VUniverse product line.

Entry and Enterprise grade configurable video tile stitching for display solution that runs on PIXFIXTM EL/HE Series of products in conjunction with PIXFIXTM Versa/Flex/MbIRD and sTile Player

Capable of taking in up to 160 Streams for stitching the tiles, the solution gives the customer a choice of Entry level to hyper dense environment tiling.

  • Highly versatile and flexible Video stitching engine for Tile display environment
  • Capable of taking in multiple types of streams in PIXFIXTM VUniverse product line for Tile stitching
  • Capable of delivering the Video through IP for both Intranet and Internet IP lines.
  • Health status delivered through SMPT if required
  • Choice of HW based on the density of Tiles
  • Multiple APIs for the Tile Display environment by monitoring the health status of the incoming Video streams’ Video and Audio parameters

Input Interfaces

  • 2 X IGigE
  • 2 X 10 Gige

Input format


Input Video CODEC

  • H.264 SD/HD

Input Audio CODEC

  • AAC-Mpeg4

Platform specifications

  • PIXFIXTM EL1720/HE3160/HE5500
  • 1U Chassis
  • Optional RPS
  • 2 x 1GigE
  • Optional 2 x 10GigE

Output Interfaces

  • 2 x GigE

Output format


Configuration, Ctrl and health

  • Tile stitching configuration up to 160 Streams in a single HW
  • Multiple types of HW based on Tile stitching density and input streams
  • APIs that monitor and send the information to PIXFIXTM sTile Player
  • Works independently or works alongside the PIXFIXTM VUniverse product line
  • Configurable storage option for the delivered stitched tile to downstream environment